Yes! There is an accelerator program made for just for social media Managers!

A comprehensive, immersive 8-week accelerator program that will give you the tools and systems to build and scale your social media management agency.


“How to Start a Social Media Agency” only to find that generating money and finding new clients is a struggle.

Are you ready to hop off the struggle bus and onto the successful social media marketer team? It’s time to stop the Youtube videos!

This accelerator is going to take you from:

stuck and barely generating money

booked-out, prosperous, social media manager


Designed to provide you with systems and strategies to run your social media management with ease + profits!

I get to teach you how to go from no business to an influx of happy clients, with repeatable systems, workbooks, cheat sheets, and swipe files as you’ve never seen before!

You're a freelancer, social media manager or newbie trying to build their own business

Questioning your future as a business owner happens to you frequently because you're not bringing in enough revenue

You're stressed and can't figure out how to make things work for your current clients

You know you can't spend another 3, 6, 12 months fumbling around trying to create a sustainable business

Discover Profitable Strategies So You Can Increase Your Revenue and Create a Sustainable Business

I’m laying all the details out for you.

I didn’t skip one aspect of creating a wildly successful social media marketing business. Mostly because I saw a need for real mentorship that gives you a step-by-step framework for success.


Student Testimonials

This is the program you join when you’re ready to get your stuff together.” – Cory

“I’ve watched every ‘How To Become a Social Media Manager’ YouTube video, downloaded every related ebook and attended many course out there! They don’t tell you halllff the necessary steps that Ericka teaches. She puts you on game, she’s cool af, literally walks with you each step of the way and is your biggest cheerleader throughout and after the program. I needed someone to say this is exactly what you do and that doesn’t make sense. Period. This is the program you join when you’re ready to get your stuff together. Game changer.” – Cory, Past SMM Accelerator Student 


Sure! Here’s a sneak peek

WELCOME TO THE COURSE: During this week, we’ll get your mind right and ensure your business is legal! I’m talking LLCs, taxes, all of that!

ZONE OF EXPERTISE: There are different types of Social Media Managers. This week, we’ll discover which one you best identify with. We’ll also establish your zone of expertise and niche, identify your ideal clients and how to find them!

GET YOUR PRICING PACKAGING + CONTRACTS IN PLACE: Let’s set up your packages and contracts that convert! 

ESTABLISH YOUR BRAND IDENTITY: During this week we set your goals, you find your voice and look the part. We establish your brand presence on social, with clients, and more.

SUCCESSFULLY LAND THE CLIENT: Leads, to clients, building proposals and more. We’re going to create all of these this week!

ONBOARDING YOUR NEW CLIENT: This week, we’ll create your Client Onboarding System – your clients will love this!!

CLIENT STRATEGIES + CONTENT CREATION: I’ll teach you how to come up with client strategies, how to perform IG audits, and how to easily create client content.

RETENTION: Let’s go over how to keep your clients coming back for more, measuring ROI on IG, and maintaining client relationships.

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You’re not

a freelancer anymore, you’re a successful, dedicated, CEO with the tools you need to never be broke again.

Freedom and life on your own terms? Check!

Clients you love who pay you your worth? Check!

Testimonials and referrals coming in like clockwork? Check!

Seamless Onboarding and a Stress-Free Biz? Check!

 The ball is in your court.

I was where you are a few years ago so I know exactly what you need to sustain your business. Don’t like the workbooks, and lesson plans? Get your money back after you show you’ve completed all workbooks and course content.

Student Testimonials

“I was already 50% booked in one month!”

From this program I gained process + structure, confidence in gaining in clientele, workflows + systems.

The Social Media Agency Blueprint is

The Most Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Course On The Market.

You’re Getting:

Email DM Swipe Files

Stop wasting time, ok? Let me show you word for word how it goes down in the DMs when I book new 5-figure clients.

Valued at $500

Follow Up Scripts

The money is in the follow-up! Learn to use my followup scripts to lock-in thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise left on the table.

Valued at $350

Package Pricing Templates

Bundle your package up the right way. Generating more revenue for your business means you better have a darn good proposal and package set up from start to finish.

Valued at $750

Lead Capture Forms

Marketing 101 says you need a place to capture and obtain new leads (potential customers) who show an interest in your services. Mesmerize your people throughout the entire process.

Valued at $750

Lead Tracker for Organization

The money is in the follow-up! Learn to use my followup scripts to lock-in thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise left on the table.

Valued at $450

LIVE Zoom Meetings + teaching lessons

Bundle your package up the right way. Generating more revenue for your business means you better have a darn good proposal and package set up from start to finish.

Valued at $750

The Social Media Agency Blueprint isn’t complete without successful CEO’s popping in to give you entrepreneurship hacks and tricks of the trade.

Your business needs to thrive from top to bottom.

(I told you we’re covering ERRYTHANG!)

the guest experts

Guest Coach:

Ashleigh Hardin-Jones

Social Media Manager of xoNecole

Learn how to create scroll-stopping, engaging content for your clients!

Guest Coach:

Bee Fells

Personal Branding Expert

So you want to brand your business? Learn from the best!! And we aren’t just talking about logos!

Guest Coach:

Erica Heyward

Virtual CFO + Finance Coach

Learn how to get your business legal + get all of your pressing questions answered LIVE!

Your Hobby Without The Accelerator:

The next 6 to 12 months will be spent searching for free resources and wasting time trying to figure out the business side of things out on your own.

Although you enjoy social media marketing you’ll find yourself burned out by the lack of revenue you’re bringing in despite being on the computer all day trying to make random strategies work.

Without a mentor to show you the winning way to sign more deals and close 5-figure clients you’ll have to work for someone else, feeling like you won’t ever accomplish the goals you were created to do.

Your hobby will remain just that, a hobby without systems in place and a real strategy

Did I Mention The One of a Kind 1:1 Coaching via Slack?

All students in one place so we can chat, build a network, learn from each other, and master our businesses. We’re scaling to 5-figure months together!

You need a network of bosses and that’s what we’re providing. No one should go at this entrepreneur thing alone, let’s stay connected and share our wins so we can all secure the bag!

Even if you think you have your mindset together, The Social Media Agency Blueprint takes it to the next level, providing you with the confidence and money-generating attitude you need to execute your client’s marketing.

Alright Now, I’m Ready To Establish My Business and Close 5-figure Contracts

All of This is Worth Well Over $3500 BUT, Drum Roll Please…

$1500 upfront or 3 payments of $575

Choose your option below and get insant access!

One-time payment of


3 payments of


Join us while we have space. I can’t wait to meet you at happy hour!

The doors close may 22!