Does consistency & understanding of Instagram have you stumped?

My 6-week program I created will have your business and products going from a “pretty museum” that’s only admired; to attracting your ideal clients with strategies that truly work!

you’re probably feeling like…

None of your followers know your brand, and they have no interest in working with you. 

If you’ve nodded your head, then that means now you want to have an Instagram strategy that:

Will show you how to increase engagement and trust with your followers all while learning in a group coaching setting.

okay boom! I got you.

This is EXACTLY why I created the

Instagram Accelerator

in such a little time.

barely being noticed on Instagram to

attracting ideal customers endlessly and learning how to execute your exclusive strategy while hitting each business goal.

You’re ready to work hard and do what it takes to build your brand authority

You have clearly defined business goals that you’re ready to achieve

You hate HACKS and would rather learn real-life, authentic, strategies

You’re probably like that’s all good and everything, but what’s included?

how does…

6 training modules filled with actionable tips, a hardcore strategy and weekly group mentorship sound to you?

Members-only Slack group

Weekly Happy Hour group coaching

Templates andtrackers

Weekly Challenges

oh yes, you gone have to put in some work!

Can I see what’s inside the course?

Sure! Here’s a sneak peek

Module 1. IG 101

• Understanding how IG really works

• Algorithm

• Features Overview

Module 2. Your Reason Why

• Value, Purpose + Messaging

• Your Story. Your Why • Niche? Onboarding form?

• Finding your ideal followers

Module 3. Goal Setting

• Creating your SMART Goals

• Benchmarks

Module 4. The Audit

• Follower Avatars

• Competitor research

• Audit of your account

Module 1. Branding

• Your IG branding guidelines

• Creating a feed design and theme for your page

• Photo Guidelines

Module 2. Creating Content

• Creating content pillars that establishes know, like, trust

Module 3. Content Design

• Optimizing your bio

• Creating posts


Module 1. Tone

• Developing your tone of voice

Module 2. Captions

• Caption copywriting

• Effective CTAs

Module 3. Hashtags+ keyword searches

• Hashtags

• Keyword searches


6 Weeks from now …

the Accelerator is complete and you’ve learned a ton about Instagram.

Now you know when and how to track your insights, what your brand tone represents and BEST of all?

New, happy followers are connected with you and ready to build a long-term relationship. It almost seems too good to be true! How could you have known so little about Instagram just 6 weeks ago? 

The Instagram Accelerator has paved the way for…

more profits

engaged potential customers

more conversions

in such a little time.

You often think back to those days when Instagram was a burden that you hadn’t yet mastered.

Who could have known your would master this platform and position your business for prosperity?

This group coaching accelerator is going to force you to become accountable to yourself and your business.

Everything you’ve worked for is about to come full swing when you maximize your Instagram the right way.

But what’s a good program without bonuses?

Get Strategy Set Trello Board templates

When you pay in full - you get two 1:1 coaching sessions with me

what’s your investment?

One payment of


2 payments of


What if this program isn’t for me?

Good question, let’s save us both time if:

You haven’t started your Instagram account

You don’t have business goals

You want to hack your way to success

You don’t have a marketing funnel in place

Gone are the days where Instagram doesn’t make profit for your business.

It can be a portal to so many opportunities, and with the right guidance, you can have them all!

It shouldn’t be scary, it shouldn’t be unclear, it needs to be explained to you in a way you understand, and trust me that’s EXACTLY what I plan to do.

The Doors open on April 15! And class starts on March 15!