Learn how to use instagram™ Reels to attract, connect + convert your followers.

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Learn how to use instagram™ Reels to attract, connect + convert your followers.



All this talk about Reels and you just want someone to teach you how to use them, and how to make them strategically work for your business. That’s exactly what this course does!

You're a service provider, e-commerce brand or creator

Want to learn how to use Reels to sell your services

Don't know the first place to start when creating Reels

You know why you're using IG, you're ready to commit and get out of your comfort zone and just try.

You're a visual learner and need someone to break down all of those different Reel types (pointing, lip sync, voiceovers, timed text, editing, + more).


Sure! Here’s a sneak peek

REELS 101: In this module we dive into the elements of Reels in your business, where to find Reels, how people can engage with your Reels and I breakdown the Reels algorithm.

HOW TO CREATE IG REELS: Finding audio, Reels Remix, multiclip, voiceovers, + more! I’m walking you through how to use each and every feature to date. 

HOW TO CREATE POPULAR REEL TYPES: Have you ever wondered how people use those fun filters, how they get the text to disappear, or even how they do those hand transitions? This module is for you! I’m breaking down and walking you through 8 different popular Reel types. 

THE REELS BUSINESS CONTENT STRATEGY: Now you know your girl doesn’t teach any course without discussing strategy! (I mean, I am an Instagram Strategist after all) In this module, we discuss how to attract, connect + convert w/Reels AND creating your content plan. 

ANALYZE + BATCH CREATE: In this module, we discuss batching and analyzing your Reels. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste right? 

This course is definitely worth $450+ BUT,

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your questions answered…

Who should take this course?

Service providers, e-commerce brands and Creators.

What type of Instagram account will I need to take this course?

You will need an Instagram Creator or Business account. 

Is this course good for complete Reels beginners?

Yes! I’m laying it all out from beginning to end

What should I have in place before getting this course?
  • Ideal customer
  • Know what sets you apart
  • Know ideal customers pain points
  • Be willing to try!
Do you offer refunds?

Due to the virtual nature of this course, no refunds are offered under any circumstances.

Will there be future course updates?

I will update this course if any major updates/changes occur from Instagram™. If there is an update, you will be notified via email.