wish you could hire someone to help you vet the best social media manager?

Social Ink Co Social Media Manager vetting services are a great option for businesses narrowing down the number of applicants for the social media manager position within their business. 


Oh I need this tell me more! 

Raise your hand if :

You’re lost when it comes to hiring social media managers.

You don’t want to waste money on the wrong SMM and need advice.

You feel you hired the wrong SMM for your business.

You aren’t sure what skills the right SMM for your business, should have.



Your investment includes:

Initial discovery call to determine your needs and business goals

Vetting up to 2 social media manager candidates in the interview process based on their skills and experience

A recommended list of ideal skills to look for when searching for a social media manager

Evaluation of the candidate’s portfolio or submissions

Join client on a phone call with each candidate to vet them and ask questions

Provide recommendations and thoughts for each candidate emailed to you within 24hrs of the scheduled meeting.

This sounds great so what are next steps?

Getting started is easy: 

Step 1: Book Your Discovery Call

Step 2: You post your SMM position and find your top candidates

Step 3: Send me your candidate’s portfolio or submissions

Step 4: Set up interviews with your candidates (We will coordinate dates/times so that I can be present)

Step 5: Within 24hrs, all candidate interviews, recommendations and thoughts for each candidate will be emailed to you.

Are you able to train my current social media manager?

Currently, 1:1 individual training for your social media manager is not an option, unless you’ve purchased a VIP Day Strategy. However, I do have services that can aid your SMM such as the Social Media Agency Blueprint Accelerator.

How long does this process take?

As long as everything moves smoothly, no more than 2 weeks.

Can you create my job posting?

I do not create job postings but I can give you a list of items to add based on our Discovery Call.

Can we hire you for our IG Strategy and still hire a social media manager?

Absolutely. This is actually what most businesses do. I can work hand in hand with you to provide your Instagram Strategy and pass along the strategy to your social media manager. This is my signature VIP day service.

Can my current social media student take your Blueprint Accelerator Course?

Yup! The more they learn the better. This will help them structure their foundation for their own social media agency. To learn more about BPA, you can click here.

Do you offer regular consultation services?

Yes, you can find these services right here.